Head Coach

Lanny is the owner and head coach of Stride Muay Thai. He started his pursuit of learning and training in martial arts at the age of 16, and has never looked back. Coach Lanny takes pride in ensuring all of his students learn proper Muay Thai. With a keen eye for details and a patient demeanour, Lanny believes that anybody can become a Nak Muay (student of Muay Thai). In 2022, Coach Lanny was honoured to represent Canada at the IFMA Youth World Championships as a Coach in Malaysia.

Nico Birch

Junior Program Coach

Nico started in our Parent & Child program and has since excelled in her pursuit of becoming a martial artist. Nico is a Canadian National Gold medalist and has also represented Canada in the Youth World Championships. She provides a shining example to our Juniors of what can be accomplished when you put in hard work and dedication.

2022 TBA Champion
Represented Canada at 2022 IFMA Youth World Championships - Gold Medalist World Grand Slam
2019 Muay Thai Canada Nationals Gold Medalist

Noah Giraldo

Junior Program Coach

Noah believes in leading by example. Always one of the first ones in the gym, and one of the last ones to leave. Being one of the most active fighter’s in the gym doesn’t change the fact that he will make time for any, and all students.

Noah was awarded Best Senior B Class Male Fighter award by Muaythai Ontario in 2022

Caelyn Batac

Junior Program Assistant Coach

Caelyn is the perfect coach for our Junior Program, because she was one of the original members of our Junior Program. She started when she was just 7 years old, and continues to lead by example.

2022 TBA Champion
Represented Canada at 2022 IFMA Youth World Championships - Gold Medalist World Grand Slam
2016 Muay Thai Canada Nationals Silver Medalist

Owen Giraldo

Junior Program Assistant Coach

Owen has long participated in organized sports and really took to Muay Thai when he decided to get involved. The Juniors can always rely on Owen to help them out and guide them along in their Muay Thai journey’s!

2022 TBA Champion

Aliyah Khan

Junior Program Assistant Coach

Aliyah is one of the newest Junior Coaches. As she improves on her own journey, she puts it directly back into helping out the Juniors in the process. She can always be relied on to deal with the Juniors with great patience and support.



Every class at Stride Muay Thai is designed to help you get the most out of your workout. You will be challenged, you will learn a new skill, you will train safely and most importantly you will have fun training alongside your new teammates.

Muay Thai is for EVERYONE.


12 Malley Rd. Scarborough ON.